Having the Scatter chart xaxispos set to center leads to abnormal y scales

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Posted by malaise on 18th November 2015
On a Scatter I have set
ymin: -15,
ymax: 45,
xscale: true,
ylabelsCount: 12,
numyticks : 12,
And output is OK.

Now I add: xaxispos: 'center',
and the Y scale values become garbage around 0.

I expect -10, -5, 0 with the axis, 5, 10 ...
I get -10, -5, -0, -5, -10, nothing with the axis, -10, -5, 0, 5, 10...

See: malaise.hd.free.fr/meteo/TempPressYko.html
Posted by Richard on 18th November 2015
Hi there,

Setting the ymin to a negative value when the Y axis is in the center probably won't do what you want.

There are examples of offset Y axes in the /demos/ folder (called quarter-axis charts) - but they're more involved than simply setting properties (I've even tried this with the Scatter chart).

Posted by malaise on 19th November 2015
Ok I will do it this way, thank you.

Maybe a good improvement of the Scatter would be to support xaxispos: 'zero', or even xaxispos: number?

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