Can I use SCRIPT tags inside a tooltip?

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Posted by Laura Gilbert on 6th May 2013
If I write text into a tooltip containing say <div> or <img> tags it works perfectly. However it appears to ignore <script> tags (so I can't make it throw out a javascript alert, say). Is that expected behaviour? Is there a work around?
I ask because I'm trying to display a google map in a tooltip and it's proving pesky.
Many thanks,
Posted by RGraph support on 6th May 2013
Hi there,

You can add <script> tags to tooltips by breaking up the closing script tag - however because the content of the tooltip is assigned by innerHTML - the JavaScript won't be executed.

obj.Set('chart.tooltips', ['<scr' + 'ipt>alert(4678678);</scr' + 'ipt>' ...]);

Richard, RGraph Support

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