My second PHP variable doesn't work when I'm trying to create a Scatter chart

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Posted by gooddmood on 17th October 2012
hi !
i have this
  var scatter = new RGraph.Scatter('cvs', [
                                                  [age,weight, '#CE2118'],
                                                  [weight,2, 'black'],
                                                  [24,2, 'black'],
                                                  [5,111, 'gray'],
                                                  [5,112, 'red'],
                                                  [12,114, 'gray'],
                                                  [0,110, 'black']
where to set data .
and instead of numbers i have done variables which are numbers.

so i define those variabls like that

var age = '<?php echo $_SESSION['age'];?>';
         var weight = '<?php echo $_SESSION['weight'];?>';

so the probleme is >
the if i make the variable in the first place it works but if i set the variable in second place it doesnt work.
forexemple in my data > the first data : the age work but not the weight
                       > the second data: the weight work

how to fix this please thanks so much for your help and your time.
Posted by RGraph Support on 18th October 2012
Hi there,

var age = '<?php echo $_SESSION['age'];?>';
var weight = '<?php echo $_SESSION['weight'];?>';

You problem may be these two lines. You've used single quotes - which makes the variables strings - regardless of what text they contain. In turn these strings are converted to numbers which will result in zeros. Try this instead:

var age = <?php echo intval($_SESSION['age']);?>;
var weight = <?php echo intval($_SESSION['weight']);?>;

(note the lack of single quotes).

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