How do I draw a second Y axis on the opposite side of the chart?

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Posted by Devin on 10th March 2017
Hello, I'm working on a multiple line chart and I need two y axes, one on each side of the chart, but I can't seem to find an example of this anywhere.

Below is a sort of illustration of what I'm trying to achieve:


Here is the code I'm using (this is just for one line):

var line = new RGraph.Line({
             id: 'chart-container',
             data: [values1],
             options: {
                 backgroundGridBorder: true,
                 backgroundGridHlines: true,
                 colors: ['black'],
                 linewidth: 3,
                 hmargin: 0,
                 gutterLeft: 50,
                 gutterBottom: 50,
                 tickmarksStyle: 'circle',
                 tickmarksLinewidth: 1,
                 tickmarksSize: 7,
                 ylabels: true,
                 xlabels: false,
                 labels: labels,
                 xaxis: false,
                 yaxis: false,
                 yaxisDecimals: 0,
                 textAngle: 70
Posted by Richard on 11th March 2017
Hi there,

You can add an extra Y axis by using the drawing API Y axis?


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