The Semi-circular progress labels are disappearing

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Posted by Daryl Davis on 11th January 2017
Long time user, first time writer...
I have just switched to using your graphs, been working with them almost a year, off and on, and I like them, and plan to continue using them.

That being said, I found an issue I thought you would like to know about,
when I continually reload a semi circular graph i loose the labels.

I have had to change the name of the graph to get a random name to get rid of the issue. So I am working, but it may be a memory error using the Canvas ID. I hope this helps.

The graph gets reloaded on a select onchange event.
Here is the function code that loads the graph
     var row = rowData.d;
     while (gg.hasChildNodes()) {
     var gg1 = document.createElement("CANVAS");
     gg1.width = 500;
     gg1.height = 300; = getRandomName(); //'cnvGraph'
     var i = 0;
     var compValue = 0.0;
     for (; i < row.length; i++) {

         compValue += row[i].percentage * 100;

     var thisvalue = compValue / i;

     new RGraph.SemiCircularProgress({
         min: 0,
         max: 100,
         value: thisvalue.toFixed(1),
         options: {
             scaleDecimals: 1,
             unitsPost: '%',
             labelsCenterSize: 70,
             gutterbottom: 105,
             colors: ['#00BA00', 'red'],
             width: 225,
             labelsCenterBold: 'true',
             labelsMinColor: 'white',
             labelsMaxColor: 'white'
Posted by Richard on 12th January 2017
Hi there,

You will need a unique ID for each canvas tag that you create. Plus you have a few strange settings in the config. Have a look at this:

You could also try setting:

textAccessible: false

so that it uses canvas text instead of DOM text.


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