How can I skip null values in Line charts?

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Posted by Joerg on 17th March 2017
following my problem:
i have a series of values - but possibly not always the same increment.
A Sample: i have values for 10,11,12,15,16,17 o'clock - but noch for 13 and 14o'clock. I filled them with "null" - but the line should be connected from the values at 12o'clock and 15o'clock.
Is there a chance to do that?

With best regards
Posted by Richard on 17th March 2017
Hi there,

Imply pre-fill the data with whatever values you want to see.

var data = [4,7,4,2,null,null,9,7,4,1];

for (var i=0; i<data.length; ++i) {

     // Could also be RGraph.SVG.isNull depending on whether you're using
     // canvas or SVG charts

     if (RGraph.isNull(data[i])) {
         data[i] = 0;


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