How can I stop adjusting during adjusting?

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Posted by Sta on 11th September 2017
Is it possible to stop adjusting graph ( a bar for example)
during adjusting?

}).on('onadjust', function (obj)
         // If (..) then { STOP adjusting }


Posted by Richard on 11th September 2017
Hi there,

Well you could do it like this - which is the easy way:

new RGraph.Bar({
     id: 'cvs',
     data: [4,8,6,8,6,6,5],
     options: {
         adjustable: true
}).draw().on('adjust', function (obj)
     if ([1] <= 4) {
         obj.canvas.removeEventListener('mousemove', obj.canvas.rgraph_mousemove_event_listener, false);
         obj.canvas.removeEventListener('mousedown', obj.canvas.rgraph_mousedown_event_listener, false);

That disables adjusting when the minimum value is reached - but for *all* bars.

There's another way you could do it using the adjustingOnly property - but that does involve keeping a red=cord of which bars you want adjusting for.

ie Start with 5 bars:

var adjustableBars = [true, true, true, true, true];

bar.set('adjustingOnly', adjustableBars);

Then when one is not wanted any more set the relevant value to false and redraw the chart:

var adjustableBars = [true, true, false, true, true];

bar.set('adjustingOnly', adjustableBars);


I haven't tried this method - just the first one).


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