How can I stop the Y axis from automatically scaling?

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Posted by Richa Singh on 1st January 2016
I am using Line Graph with adjustable points in an MVC application and for some functionality I need to stop Y Axis from auto scaling when we drag points below.
So can you please help in doing this.

Thanks for help in advance.
Posted by Richard on 28th May 2014
You can set the ymax option:

obj.set('ymax', 500);

Posted by Richa Singh on 28th May 2014
Thank you so much ,it helped a great deal :)
Posted by Kurt Silver on 20th June 2014
Is it possible to have an asymmetric y scale? My client would like a much "deeper" negative scale than positive, say, from 10000 to -50000. Is this possible? thanks for any information.

Posted by Richard on 20th June 2014
You can do it - but it's not a built in option so it's not as straight forward as setting an option. Here's an example:


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