RGraph has stopped working for me in Firefox 27.0.1 / Safari (Mac OS)

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Posted by Daniel on 21st February 2014
Hello Richard,

I have a similar problem as the user with the Firefox problem had,

All my charts worked perfectly fine until I upgraded to Firefox 27.0.1 - for me it is specifically the line charts that are having issues.

Even if I look at the examples here the line chart does not draw the lines for me:


I am using Firefox 27.0.1 on Mac OS. I have tried the latest Stable release of RGraph and also the Beta release of RGraph. I also checked Safari version 6.1 and I get the same.

I checked Windows OS with Firefox 27.0.1 and the charts work fine?

What this other user is experiencing is the same to me.

Not sure what has caused it to stop working, but I assume it's something related directly to Mac OS / The Browsers / & the Canvas tag. I don't believe it's any issue with RGraph and I know also you don't have a Mac to test it on anyhow, but I thought I would add this post as I am sure other users are facing the same issue somewhere.

If anyone has any ideas that may help that would be great :)

Thanks very much!

Posted by Richard on 21st February 2014
Hi there,

It appears to work on Windows Firefox 27 and Safari 5.1. Try turning off the background grid to see if that helps:

obj.Set('background.grid', false);

Posted by Jamie Milnes on 27th February 2014
Hi Richard,

I'm having the same issue as above, and have tried your recommendation, however it's still not working...

Any other ideas?

Posted by Richard on 27th February 2014
Hi there,

Nope - it all works OK in Windows Safari and Firefox, Check your error console for any message.


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