[Suggestion] Maintain proper version numbers for the stable production releases

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Posted by Parth on 8th August 2014
I have started RGraph on a project which was already using it for around 1-2 years. Recently I have upgraded version of RGraph to "version: 2014-07-27". And in this version I came across an issue of Pie chart roundrobin effect. Earlier it was working fine with older RGraph library. But I am not able to identify which version it is, so that I can check version release note and check what is the alternate of that issue. I have older version of RGraph but I don't have any version to identify when it was released.

So I have a suggestion for RGraph, if it can have proper version number mechanism implemented on each stable production release then it will be good for future, and useful to troubleshoot support issues.

One more thing, there is no provision to download archive release, by downloading from archive I would have identified what changes is been made in the version by comparing file and what is the replacement in its subsequent version.
Posted by Richard on 8th August 2014
The version dates are now prepended to the library files. For comparing to older releases you can compare to the old versions archive name.


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