I have a superposition problem with tooltips

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Posted by Fred on 1st September 2013

In an overlay, you can not see the black line tooltips.


Posted by RGraph support on 1st September 2013
Hi there,

I'll assume that you mean where the red line overlaps the black so you only get one of the tooltips. Not much you can do about that. You could create a system that enables or disables certain datasets and their tooltips/labels etc. But it's by no means a 5 minute job.

Richard, RGraph support
Posted by Fred on 23rd September 2017

I come back to this problem in 2017.
Was there a correction or do I still have to apply what you suggested?

Kind regards
Posted by Richard on 23rd September 2017
Hi there,

Well, if you were referencing the Line chart in your original message, then there's now an obj.hide(index) function which should help you hide a line if multiple lines are obscuring each others tooltip hotspots, and as of the next version it will have a little fix applied to it so that it works better with multiple lines ( www.rgraph.net/forum/message.html/line-chart-getshape-function-update-in-new-version-20170921162234.html if you're interested ).

Posted by Fred on 23rd September 2017

On Open Flash Charts, you can see the tooltips of both lines with a common point.


If this is included in the next version, I would be happy.
Is there a date scheduled?

Waiting to read you
Sincerely, cordially,
Posted by Richard on 23rd September 2017
Hi there,

You could put both datasets information in one tooltip like this:


(This example uses the SVG libraries - but the technique also applies to the canvas libraries)

Posted by Fred on 23rd September 2017

Okay, thank you very much for your prompt response.


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