SVG Semicrcular meter chart - cannot replace chart when rerunning the draw function

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Posted by Jean-Paul on 26th January 2017

I am using a semicircular svg chart to display a metric of a user-selected activity. (User selects from a dropdown, javascript calculates the new value from a database call, javascript calls a function to draw the semicircular svg chart).

All good on the first select. Semicircular svg chart displays perfectly.

When the user selects another activity, I would like to replace the semicircular svg chart.

However, when I rerun the draw (or grow) function, the new graph overlays the previous graph.

Is there a way to clear / reset / remove / drop the old graph before I draw the new one?

I have spent hours going over the routines for "canvas" items and the object repository, with no luck for SVG.

Please can you point me in the right direction?

Posted by Richard on 26th January 2017

Before drawing the second chart you could clear the SVG tag:


So if you have an object called scp then you could do this:



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