I have a few issues regarding the text2() font color, the chart.borders color and the chart.background.barcolorX repetitions

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Posted by Bjorn Sandvik on 27th July 2013

Having fun playing around with the Gantt chart type, I am presently left with three issues:

1. The text2() function seems to lack font coloring.

2. For the Gantt chart, itself, I can toggle chart.borders on or off, but here, I also feel a lack of styling options - especially border coloring (ideally: individually, as you can set background colors for individual graphing objects).

3. Finally, also for the Gantt chart, you have the formatting options for backround.barcolor1 and 2. These are great for adding visual aids to complex diagrams, but I find that I cannot manipulate their repetitions. I would love for these to follow the number of rows in the chart.

I am fairly new to the world of JavaScript altogether, so there is a lot I don't know by default. However, does anyone know of solutions to my little challenges?

Posted by RGraph support on 29th July 2013
Hi there,

1. You can set the color by setting the canvas fillStyle.Put this before your call to the Text2 function:

myObject.context.fillStyle = 'red';

2. You can color the borders using the 7th option in your array of event details:


3. The barcolor1 and barcolor2 options are purely decorative.


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