The drawing API X axis documentation has a mistake in it

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Posted by long Zhang on 16th December 2015
    'The drawing API X axis object' page has a demo for use the RGraph.drawing.xaxis.js file to draw a image,but the demo has a mistake.
the right code should be like this:
     window.onload = (function ()
        var bar = new RGraph.Bar({
             id: 'cvs',
             data: [4,8,6,5,6,9,9,4],
             options: {
                 noaxes: true,
                 gutterBottom: 45
         var xaxis = new RGraph.Drawing.XAxis({
             id: 'cvs',
             y: bar.canvas.height - bar.gutterBottom,
             options: {
                 tooltips: ['The X axis represents each<br />person teaching at the college.'],
                 labels: ['Rich','Alex','Johnny','Kev','Pete','Luis','John','Barry'],
                 colors: ['#666'],
                 title: 'The X axis'

Posted by Richard on 16th December 2015

Can you point out the mistake?


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