The this.canvas variable is null in the file RGraph.pie.js which results in a runtime error

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Posted by Rich Ward on 12th December 2013
Hi -

I'm an RGraph newbie and am trying to figure out a bug in code written by someone else.

If RGraph.Pie is called:
var pie = new RGraph.Pie(pContainerName, pDataPoints);

- with no data points, the following exception is raised when this statement is executed:
this.context = this.canvas.getContext("2d");

"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'getContext': object is null or undefined"

I can resolve this bit - but then if RGraph.Pie is called subsequently with valid data points the same exception is raised on the same statement.

Is there a way to reset?

Many thanks,

- Rich

Posted by RGraph support on 12th December 2013
Hi there,

With a Pie chart you need at least one non-null, non-zero value - like this:

var data = [1];

So if you have no data - don't try and show the chart - not that there's any point with a pie chart. Also, ensure you're using the ExCanvas from the latest stable RGraph archive.

Oh and there is an RGraph.Reset() function - but this is unlikely to have an effect if you're using ExCanvas.


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