How do I implement the thumbnail/area zoom?

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Posted by Laura Gilbert on 2nd December 2012
I can't seem to implement the very excellent thumbnail and area zooms as demonstrated here:
As far as I can make out they are no longer in the package.
Is there an add on or something I can grab to get them working? They are just what I am looking for!
Posted by RGraph support on 3rd December 2012

That's quite an old version of RGraph - the thumbnail and area zoom have been removed and there's just the full canvas zoom now.
Posted by Chris Ghormley on 22nd February 2013
The area zoom (RGraph.ZoomArea) is the first function in RGraph.common.zoom.js.

I was able to enable the feature on a scatter plot by setting zoom.mode to 'area' and calling RGraph.ZoomArea(myrgraphobject).

I can understand why you wouldn't want to support the feature - probably lots of conflicts with other click events - but full canvas zoom doesn't always work well for pop-up windows with charts in them, especially since it does not seem possible to zoom in on a particular part of the plot.

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