Tickmarks on a spline Line chart aren't always at the top or bottom of the spline and there's no spline below zero

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Posted by Alexis on 13th March 2014
Hello Richard,

I noticed that the tickmarks aren't always at the top or bottom of the spline. For example your demo : line-spline-multiple-lines.html
The red line near "Tue" is not at the top of the spline. I would like all the tickmarks to be like the red line at "Sat", if it is possible of course.

Also is it possible to limit the curve of the spline to stay above (or equal) to 0? Like stop it from going below the X axis.

Thanks alot!
Posted by Richard on 14th March 2014
Hi there,

That's the spline algorithm - sometimes the points won't be at the top or bottom of the curves and neither are the curves guaranteed to be above zero. If you want you can use tickmarks to help illustrate them if you wish. For example:


Posted by Alexis on 14th March 2014
Hello Richard,

I already use tickmarks and it does a pretty good job. I just wondered if it was possible to limit the spline, although I was pretty sure it wasn't possible.

Thanks alot anyway for your time!

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