Is it possible to create a timeline like Google Charts?

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Posted by Paul Blanchard on 1st January 2016
Is it possible to create a timeline like the google charts timeline here

Similar to a Gantt chart, but being able to put multiple tasks on one row. I have several projects where the major tasks are sequential and I would like to have a view with a project per row. This does not give the detail that a normal Gantt chart would, but fits my need.

I am using the google charts timeline and it displays what I want, but I can not interact with it. Your Gantt chart example looks like it can do the same thing but with much better control.

Posted by RGraph Support on 14th September 2013
Hi there,

The Gantt chart can have multiple entries per row. If you look closely at the example page this Gantt chart has two events on the top row:

You could also try the HBar chart - with a bit of configuration this too can be a "poor mans" timeline:

Richard, RGraph Support

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