Tooltips not showing on Pie chart with mousemove event

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Posted by Todd R. on 16th June 2016
First, love the library, very easy to use and extremely functional. Second, I'm trying to have tooltips work when I move the mouse over the pie chart and it is not working. It shows up when I click, but not when the mouse moves over the chart. I'm using IE11.



Code is:
     var pie = new RGraph.Pie({
       id: 'pie0',
       data: {txtTotData},
       options: {
       strokestyle: 'rgba(0,0,0,255)',
       linewidth: 2,
       radius: 80,
       colors: {txtColor},
       title: 'COS All Units',
       labels: {txtTotData},
       tooltips: ['City: ' + aCTotData[0] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[0],
                  'City: ' + aCTotData[1] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[1],
                  'City: ' + aCTotData[2] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[2],
                  'City: ' + aCTotData[3] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[3],
                  'City: ' + aCTotData[4] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[4],
                  'City: ' + aCTotData[5] + '<br>CSU: ' + aUTotData[5]],
       tooltipsEvent: onmousemove,
Posted by Richard on 16th June 2016
Hi there,

You need quotes around the onmousemove (because it's a string). So the line looks like this:

tooltipsEvent: 'onmousemove'

As it's the final option you don't need a trailing comma either.



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Posted by Todd R. on 16th June 2016



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