My tooltips aren't working for my Pie chart when it's being drawn in a dialog

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Posted by Praveen on 28th January 2013
Hi, I am trying to create a Pie Chart on a Dailog (using jquery dialog function like - $('#dialogDiv').dialog({ height:200, width:300, modal:true});).

I am also trying to have tooltip on mouseHover as show in the your example ( -- 4th Pie). Its working fine when I create this pie on Html page but on Dialog somehow tooltips are not coming.
Posted by RGraph support on 28th January 2013

You may need to increase the z-index of your tooltips to something greater then the z-index of the dialog. Try adding this to your page:

     .RGraph_tooltip {
         z-index: 99999 ! important;

You may need to to pick a higher value than the z-index of your dialog though.


Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Enter your name... on 29th January 2013
Its working....

Thank you

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