How do I update my charts dynamically using a database and not a random number?

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Posted by Vincent D on 28th February 2013
Reaching out for clues. I have successfully used an ADODB connection to a process information server (OSIsoft PI server) and created a line graph, but what I really want to accomplish is a line chart that updates dynamically similar to the one found at:

The challenge I am facing is the example above uses a random generator and not an external database, AJAX or other type of connection.

Has anyone accomplished this and if so can you show me that piece of code to replace the random generator piece in the above example?

Posted by RGraph support on 28th February 2013
Hi there,

There's an example of using AJAX to get new data here:

It doesn't do exactly what you want - but shows you the principle and can be easily modified.

RGraph Support

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