Useability matrix display

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Posted by Gaurav on 6th January 2014
Hey There,

I want to plot application usability per call data on chart.

like this

ap3| -----
    | -----
    | --- ------
ap2| --- ------
    | ---
ap1| ---
    0 1 1:30 2 2:30 3 3:30
      AM AM

I have plotted
Appplication 1 (ap1) usage. User has used it between 1 n 1:30AM
Appplication 2 (ap2) usage. User has used it between 1 n 1:30AM and 2 to 2:30AM.
Appplication 3 (ap3) usage. User has used it between 1:30AM 2:30AM.

Gaurav Teli

Posted by RGraph support on 6th January 2014
Hi there,

I can't tell what that is - so maybe you're after a Bar chart, HBar chart or maybe a Date/Time based Scatter chart?

Richard, RGraph Support
Please link to the RGraph website

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