Can I use ASP to select data from an SQL Server to display on my charts?

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Posted by Darron Michael on 19th January 2016
I'd like to use RGraph on our intranet to show some metrics from our SQL Server.

I copied one of the demo charts to a new file, and renamed it with a .asp extension.

The demo file is still viewable after changing the extension to .asp.

The asp code that fetches the values from SQL returns a string of values similar to the values from the original file. [4,7,5,3],[2,5,9,12] <- That is what I see when I view this data fetcher file in a browser.

But when I replace the original values in the demo file with the code to fetch the string of values from SQL, it generates a blank chart with just the left and bottom axis lines. No data.

I think I'm missing something simple here.

Posted by Richard on 19th January 2016

Are the values that you fetch a real JavaScript array? It doesn't sound like it. To check you can do this with you JavaScript data array (before you give it to the RGraph object):

// I don't know ASP so this is just a guess
var data = <%= data %> ;

That will print the data. The equivalent PHP (which I do know) would be this (it assumes that $data contains a string/text of data like this "[1,2,5,6,4,8]" - so it contains the square brackets as well as the numbers):

var data = <?php print($data) ?> ;


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