Using conditional comments in conjunction with XSLT and Excanvas

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Posted by jeffthegodofbiscuits on 30th July 2014
Use of excanvas.js to support older (pre-IE9) IE versions works fine with rendered output. But if you are starting from XSLT you'll need to wrap the conditional comment in a xsl:comment tag viz:
   <![CDATA[[if lt IE 9]><script src ="excanvas.js"></script><![endif]]]>
and place it in your head section
Thanks to
Posted by Richard on 30th July 2014
Hi Biscuit God,

Thanks - I'll update the IE docs with that.


Posted by Lee on 16th October 2015
More about....IE Conditional Comments

Posted by Richard on 16th October 2015

I don't know how this will affect you but RGraph dropped support for pre=IE9 browser recently (v4.50). So now people will need at least IE9 - so probably won't be using conditional comments for RGraph.


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