The min variable isn't declared in the RG.arrayMin function which causes an error in strict mode

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Posted by Jan Dirk on 28th April 2016
Hello support,

While running in 'strict mode', I got an exception that the variable min was not declared, while calling RG.arrayMin.
Indeed, there is probably copy/paste issue here, because the variable max should probably be the variable min.


Jan Dirk

Patch on RGraph.common.core.js
@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@
      RG.arrayMin = function (arr)
- var min = null,
+ var max = null,
              ma = Math;

          if (typeof arr === 'number') {
Posted by Richard on 28th April 2016
Hi there,

Thanks - I've added that in. I've just checked though - and it doesn't seem that that function is currently being used! Oh well.


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