I'm trying to get units displayed on the Vertical Progress bar without success

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Posted by Robert on 30th January 2016
I'm using the "Vertical Progress Bar."
On the right side is 100 (top) and 0 (bottom), increment is 10.

I would like for these to have the "%" sign attached, but not able to figure out how to do this.

I'm don't want my students to have to "assume" that these numbers represent a percentage, I'd rather just show this information.

In the code, I've tried attaching the % sign something like this:

      id: 'cvs',
      min: 0 +'%',
      max: 100 +'%',

Obviously is not working.

I just started using RGraph and am very pleased and excited to enhance my Math pages with your beautiful graphs.

Posted by Richard on 30th January 2016

You can use the unitsPre option like this:


Posted by Robert on 30th January 2016
Thank you, that solved my little problem.

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