When will the Canvas v5 functionality be ready?

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Posted by Zoomclub on 14th May 2013
I appreciate your blog and the enlightening articles about upcoming Canvas v5 features. I'm super excited but for some reason it is taking very long for these super features to become something that can actually be used. Do you know what the status is, when it will be available?

For my app I really need the path object and detection features. For more insight into the struggle I have truing to get the solution I require see the issue here, which was initiated by me : github.com/jonobr1/two.js/issues/10
Posted by RGraph support on 14th May 2013
Hi there,

You can track the features with this:


So far there's only dotted/dashed lines that are implemented in Chrome (and some limited unofficial support in Firefox):


For hit detection you could use the method of replaying the whole path and using the isPointInPath function - this is what some chart types use in RGraph (eg the Funnel chart). You could also use SVG syntax to represent your paths as strings and then you could pass them around and store them with ease:


Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Zoomclub on 15th May 2013
Thanks for the info!

I had seen these resources already but development of the new features seems to be at a stand still for sometime. Is there some way we can get the browser mechanics to focus on this already and get it done?

Where would one go or email to light a fire under some one to get this done already?
Posted by RGraph support on 15th May 2013
Hi there,

I've read somewhere that the Path object is stalled - it's just a matter of waiting. It will be sometime before you can safely use it without any cross-browser issues

Richard, RGraph Support

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