Why does RGraph complain about negative values when I have more than 16 groups?

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Posted by JTM on 23rd January 2017
I am using RGraph to make a stacked bar graph based on this example (www.rgraph.net/demos/svg-bar-100pc-stacked.html). When I have more than sixteen groups, I get this error:

Error: attribute width: A negative value is not valid. ("-0.882352941176471")

I have also tried increasing the number of groups with a similar graph (www.rgraph.net/demos/svg-bar-stacked2.html). With this one, I cannot have more than eight groups. Why is this happening? Could it be a limitation with RGraph?
Posted by Richard on 23rd January 2017
Hi there,

It probably means that you need to:

1. Increase the width of your <div>
2. Reduce the hmargin setting. If you do this then set it to 0 and then start increasing it gradually.


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