X axis- zero number doesn't start at the beginning of the chart

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Posted by Roy on 23rd June 2014

I want to do padding-left to the xaxis because the zero number doesn't start at the beginning of the graph.


live example:

**In chrome it is being render in advance correctly where in IE it doesn't as I described.

Posted by Richard on 23rd June 2014
As I said on stackoverflow - when I pulled the RGraph code out of your page - it displayed correctly. This is the example that I used:


Posted by Richard on 23rd June 2014
Also, you appear to have two sets of code - one for IE - so that might explain the error only being in IE.

Posted by Roy on 24th June 2014
Thank you for replaying, I solved the problem by adding direction:ltr to my canvas tag.

Posted by Richard on 24th June 2014
Is your default setting different then?


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