I have a question about the spacing of the X labels in the examples/line-plot-bands.html example

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Posted by Jan Dirk on 7th June 2016
Hi Richard,

I just saw your example at


and noticed that the x-labels are not exactly positioned correctly to my feeling.
When you change the property labels to

labels: ['','','','2013','','','','','','2014','','','','','','2015','','',''],

than the years are positioned better.

Little explanation for others: The graph has 9 grid-bars. This means there are 9+1 vertical lines. When you now have 9+10 labels, you have a label on position 0, a label below every vertical line and a label in the middle of these vertical lines.

Maybe it would be an option, to say that you do not want the labels below the ticks/lines, but between the ticks/lines? At least I most of the times want to have the labels between the ticks.


Jan Dirk
Posted by Richard on 7th June 2016
Hi there,

Thanks. It confused me a little but when you add a random letter into the blank label then it becomes clearer - that one of the labels is "shared" between "sections".

Posted by Jan Dirk on 7th June 2016
Indeed, that's how I figured it out as well.

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