How can I show the X axis labels vertically?

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Posted by Gaurav on 22nd October 2013

Can you suggest a way how can I display X-Axis labels from up to downwards.

I want to display "Unites States of America" as x-Axis label and I have set text inclination of 45.

If suppose x-Axis area is smaller, R-Graph is going to display "Unites States of America" from bottom to up so, user can only see "tes of America".

If would have attached image if its allowed with this posting.


Posted by RGraph Support on 22nd October 2013
Hi there,

By the sounds of it I think that you're asking if you can reverse the labels on the X axis - you can do this by using the drawing API X axis object. This allows you to add and configure your own X axis.

This won't reverse the scale that's used though - for that you will need to subtract the value from the maximum. So if your scale goes from 0 up to 100 and your value is 75 then you will need to simply do (100 - 75) to get the value to use.

Richard, RGraph Support

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