The Y position of successive Text2 objects, via data points, are different from the first

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Posted by Stuart Andrews on 22nd March 2017
Hi Richard,

Have got a Text2 object showing for each data point in a bar graph.

The first Text2 object ypos shows different from the others. Here's an imgur,

Here's the code:

$(document).ready(function() {
var graph_MT7G6_Outer = new RGraph.Bar("canvas_V84PI",[3,9,12]);
var graph_MT7G6_Inner = new RGraph.Bar("canvas_V84PI",[5,5,9]);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.gutter.left", 50);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.colors", ["#ddd"]);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.background.grid", false);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.background.grid.vlines", false);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.background.grid.border", false);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.shadow", false);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.ymax", 12);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.ylabels", false);
graph_MT7G6_Outer.Set("chart.noaxes", true);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.grouping", "stacked");
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.background.grid", false);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.background.grid.vlines", false);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.background.grid.border", false);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.shadow.offsetx", 1);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.shadow.offsety", 1);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.shadow.blur", 10);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.colors", ["#E80CD8"]);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.gutter.left", 50);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.gutter.bottom", 50);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.hmargin", 20);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.ymax", 12);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.ylabels", false);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.noaxes", true);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("chart.labels.above", true);
graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("title","Listings Won");
graph_MT7G6_Inner.on("draw", function(obj) {
var vTextYPos = 400 - graph_MT7G6_Inner.gutterBottom;
for (var i=0; i < obj.coords.length; i++) {
var dataOuter =;
var vOuterVal = dataOuter[i];
var text1_MT7G6_Inner = RGraph.Text2(obj.context, {
x: obj.coords[i][0] + (obj.coords[i][2]/2),
y: vTextYPos,
text: obj.data_arr[i].toString() + "/" + vOuterVal,
size: 10,
valign: "center",
halign: "center",
bounding: true,
boundingFill: "white",
marker: false,
angle: 0
var rect1_MT7G6_Inner = new RGraph.Drawing.Rect({
id: "canvas_V84PI",
x: text1_MT7G6_Inner.x,
y: text1_MT7G6_Inner.y,
width: text1_MT7G6_Inner.width,
height: text1_MT7G6_Inner.height,
options: {
fillstyle: "rgba(0,0,0,0)",
highlightFill: "rgba(0,0,0,0)",
highlightStroke: "rgba(0,0,0,0)"
var graph_MT7G6_Main = new RGraph.CombinedChart(graph_MT7G6_Outer,graph_MT7G6_Inner);

Any thoughts?
Posted by Richard on 22nd March 2017

You could try setting the textAccessible option on both of your objects:

graph_MT7G6_Inner.Set("textAccessible", false);

And also use it in your RGraph.text2 function calls:

// ...
accessible: true,
// ...

PS. Have you heard about whitespace? It's a wonderful thing. :-)

Posted by Stuart Andrews on 29th March 2017
Thanks Richard! That cleared up the issue.

Yeah, I love whitespace.

The thing is the code is spat out from a different tool compiler, so I'm writing strings etc which are served by the webserver as-is. It's in the right flow/indent in my code, but it comes out flat when served.


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