Zeroing all of the values on an adjustable Bar chart

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Posted by Joseph on 17th January 2017
Thanks for this library. It's obvious you've put a lot of work into it. Since it is MIT license, have you ever considered putting it on GitHub? One question/request: I love the adjustable bar graphs but is there any sleek way of zeroing out the bar graph instead of dragging it to the bottom slowly (if you go to fast, it won't 'reach' the bottom).
Posted by Richard on 17th January 2017
Hi there,

> have you ever considered putting it on GitHub?

Once - but my release script is significantly tied to my hosting. I used to use SVN but that died - so I'm now just using the unix diff command and "snapshots" that are diffed against. Just to track whats changed really so that I can update the changelog.

You could it with a HTML button like this:


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