Is it possible to zoom a particular part of the chart without enlarging the whole canvas?

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Posted by Josh on 25th January 2016

I'm pretty new to using this RGraph. Been using jqPlot and Flot for some time, but the support seems to be non-existent these days and so I'm looking for a new platform for graphing.

One feature that they have is the ability to zoom like the one here: Basically it allows users to select particular part of the chart they want to zoom in. As I work on large datasets this feature is good to have to analyze irregular data.

Another one is the ability to view which lines to view for multi-lines graph by clicking on the legend. Something like this:

Are there similar built-in features for RGraph? If there aren't, is there a way to implement that for the project I'm working on?

Posted by Richard on 25th January 2016

You could highlight lines using the interactive key:

But the only zoom in RGraph is the full canvas zoom.


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