Details of PHPGuru code

The site was a website that acted as my personal blog. It was the host of a number of PHP and JavaScript libraries and scripts that were written by me. Indeed, RGraph started out life on the PHPGuru website. Though as it grew it matured and migrated on to its own website.

PHP and JavaScript code

  • RMail
    A mime PHP library for sending HTML/text email with or without attachments. This library went through a lot of refining and bug fixes and as a result it's quite stable. Formerly RMail was called HTMLMimeMail (not a good name I know).

  • Xmail
    An XML structure for email. It never became anything even approaching a standard - but it sure passed a lot of time.

  • dynCalendar
    A dynamic JavaScript calendar script. You can use this to make date pickers in forms - increasing the usability of said forms.

  • TableEditor
    A PHP/MySQL script for editing MySQL tables. The intention behind this was to create a portable bit of code that allows you to create customisable MySQL table editing interfaces easily. "Use phpMyAdmin" I hear you say. Well yes you could of course use that if you know what you're doing - but if you want an interface for users that don't have technical knowledge and don't want your database destroying every 2nd Tuesday - a stripped down interface like this becomes necessary.

    It was written circa 2005 and so it uses the old PHP MySQL API (the mysql_* functions) - but you could update them if you wanted.

  • PEAR DB replacement
    A MySQL specific drop-in replacement for the PEAR::DB abstraction layer. If you still use the PEAR::DB API but only with MySQL you could use this cutdown code and you may experience a small performance boost.

    There was no intent here to create a full abstraction API so it's quite small and tight.

  • Frederick
    A poorly named webmail client that I started some time ago but it didn't last particularly long. There's a PHP webmail called Squirrel Mail. Or there's always Gmail of course.

  • SQLite.NET
    A .NET (C#) SQLite database abstraction layer. This was a dabble with C# and whilst working well - it never had my full enthusiasm behind it.

  • HTML_Treemenu
    A HTML/JavaScript script that makes using tree structured menus easier. It uses PHP to create JavaScript code. The JavaScript code creates a tree structure which then creates the menu. It uses a set of icons for the tree of which two are supplied in the download. They can of course be customised if you wish or entirely replaced with your own icons. This can be retrieved from PEAR.

  • SMTP
    Surprisingly, this was an SMTP class that you could use to send email. It may need a little tweaking as it's quite old - but it should still send email.

  • Toncarta
    A poorly named piece of code - this one was a caching system. This one is quite old - it was one of the first things that I wrote. So as such use it with that in mind!

  • PHP application structure
    A document expounding the virtues of my own application structure. This structure that I use has stood the test of time and is versatile.

  • Formproc3
    A generic form processor that supports many different types of form element. This is another example of code that I wrote quite early on.

  • Tree
    A PHP class that makes creating and working with tree structures easier. There was two tree structures available - an object oriented based one and an array based structure. The object oriented example is more "classical" in design - but the array based class is faster and, in my opinion, easier to understand (should you feel the need to have a dig around). It will also serialize much better so it will be easier to store in a file or database if necessary.

  • PorterStemmer
    A PHP implementation of Martin Porters word stemming algorithm. Word stemming is the process of shortening a word like breathing to breath so that searching for both for the word brings up both results.

  • Autocomplete
    First created some time ago this is a JavaScript autocomplete widget that's designed to be used in your forms. It can improve the usability of your forms by speeding up the time necessary to complete them and also provide options to the user.

  • BrowserDetection
    Quite old and hasn't been updated any time recently - this is some PHP browser detection. It uses UserAgent detection - now-a-days you might want to try using feature detection instead.

  • Console
    A class that I believe that I first wrote for PEAR - it makes handling Console input easier.

  • RGrid
    A lass that can be used to present information in a grid. There are lots of examples available in the download that allow you to get up and running quickly.

  • PCRE Cheat sheet
    This is a 2 page .pdf that describes the PCRE PHP functions. I would imagine that its missing a lot of functionality since its quite old - but the information that it does have will probably still be relevant.

  • POP3
    Some code for connecting to and querying a POP3 server. POP3 can still be used (and is) when something like SSL (security) is not a requirement.

  • RPC for PHP5
    A method of enabling RPC between PHP applications.

  • RTemplate
    A basic templating "system" for PHP. There are a million and one templating systems that are available for PHP - but my current advice would be to use PHP if possible. It's far easier. And when combined with an opcode cache then it can be quite fast too.

  • SMTP5
    A class for communicating with an SMTP server (for sending email). This class does NOT communicate to the server using SSL or TLS - so be aware of that.

Articles from the website

Old articles that were on the PHPGuru blog can be found in the articles directory of the downloads directory.