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I've been using RGraph for a couple of years now for several mobile projects. The library is very customizable, lightweight, flexible and still capable of producing the most stunning of images. The developer is friendly, helpful and professional. I've used my real name so people can confirm my status on the web.
Maurice Poos

Fully functional, great performance.. all that and free.. wow.. We've changed from Highcharts to RGraph and didn't once regret the decision.
Leon Friesema, FrostBits

RGraph is such a great tool that is easy to use, I highly recommend you use it for any chart needs on the Internet. Many thanks to the RGraph team!

RGraph is a really great package, with useful documentation and examples. Many thanks for your hard work in making it available and supporting its use.
[name not given]

Many thanks for the outstanding work you've done and are doing! For your attention: I've developed a PHP interface for RGraph and with this interface I've built a Joomla content plugin.
Joachim Schmidt

AWESOME WORK!!! as well as great support.
David Ferguson

I want to thank Richard for support and a very quick turnaround with a small issue I encountered. Great product and superb support is an uncommon blend.

RGraph is easy to use, and easy to extend.
Thomas Williams

Truly Excellent - using these charts has really helped transform the information on our staff raspberry-pi powered bill-board into something people actually stop and read - no more drab spreadsheet views, bring on the animated colorful graphs. I'm not a strong web-coder, but with the examples provided and some very helpful contributions from Richard, I've been able to implement a lot more than i'd expected to and much more than I had achieved using any other 3rd party components.
Phillip Sykes

Easy to use and support is very good. Got an immediate response with exact solution for the query raised.
Sujit Kumbhar

I needed to display some complex information in as simple as possible way. RGraph's breadth of customization, range of formats, special effects and ease of use was astounding. I ran into one customization problem I couldn't solve and was reluctantly forced to contact RGraph support. Richard stuck with me (a non-programmer) longer than I thought tech support for free software would have the patience to. My unique customization issue was solved, my displayed information couldn't look any more ideal, and I couldn't be happier! I wish I'd have discovered RGraph years ago!!

This is a perfect collection of various charts, bars, etc. The coding is very clear and easy to understand. This was my first step into javascript and canvas, almost no problems implementing. Support is more than great. Thanx Richard, keep up the good work.

We have implemented an inhouse CRM system and we use RGraph. It is really simple and very easy to get your graph going and the fact that it is HTML5 is a bonus!
Antalis, South Africa

My question was answered from support almost instantly with a clear concise answer! Thanks again! Keep up the great work

I am most favorably impressed with RGraph. Extraordinary, in many ways. Once one captures the logic it becomes a pleasure to use due to its great functionality. I urge everyone to support its use.

RGraph is one of the best charts. I am very easy to use and customize.

Very good product

RGraph is a fantastic and comprehensive graphing library, written in javascript so it is lightweight and easily maintained in the UI layer.
Dave Johnson

RGraph has proven extremely useful and key to a solution that I'm writing which requires I switch from a native charting feature to one that utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript. Besides all the resources available on the website, Richard has been very helpful in pointing out where to find documentation and in making suggestions on how some of my requirements can be coded. Without reservation, I highly recommend using RGraph.

I use grails framework to build web application, when it need to display summaries for data, I choose RGraph. RGraph is easy to use, since json is data source for rgraph and grails framework fully supported json for output, it gotta be good combination. I write a blog post about RGraph to show how easily use RGraph in a web application, of course in bahasa.

This is an awesome library. been playing with it all day... the charts look very good and are super easy to set up... thanks...
Steve, Micron

My Psychiatrist has me keep a daily mood log. It helps her ascertain my mood history. This gives her better feedback for prescribing medication. Normally this is done with a small calendar that I write in. I tend to forget to make my entries with that method though. It is also difficult for her to digest the numbers and notice trends. Sometimes I forget to take the darn calendar to the monthly appointment. It just wasn't a reliable tool. Last month, I kept a mood spreadsheet. The day before my appointment I converted it to an online chart. At the appointment, she saw the daily numbers as a line chart on her computer. She loved it! However, converting the spreadsheet was somewhat labor intensive. It was only accurate for that day. I decided to build a tool that would allow me to enter my numbers into a database and convert the data into a chart. Building the data entry system was easy but I had no idea how to build a charting system. My JavaScript abilities are quite poor. I found RGraph in a search. Some of the reviews mentioned how easy and fast it was to use. These were understatements! I am now sure that I can have this ready by my next appointment. This will be a far more reliable system and thus a quicker path to better health. So yes....healthier.
Jack Griffin

RGraph is amazing to build charts in any software. Thanks for your great work! ;-)

This is awesome..perfect match what i need especially server-side export feature, simple avoiding complicated configure blah-blah on server. Thanks.

In the past I had only static bitmap images, generated by server side scripts. Now I can provide much better looking charts with interactive elements and it is really easy to implement. Thanks for the good work!
Arno Welzel

In my many years of working with data, I have used pretty much every similar charting software out there, but none come anywhere near as close. I have built literally hundreds of documents using RGraph and would never even consider changing from what is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. I like it so much, I mention it on our homepage - and everyone that uses RGraph should do that too!
James Welch, CTO Online Ventures

RGraph is great. It's easy to use and understand. I had been considering using flot for a client request. I found Rgraph much easier to understand and modify for my needs.Thank you developers. Top Quality, Great job!!!
RC web developer

RGraph is a great library! I'm currently working on an realtime API that can use RGraph to display data.
Odd Marthon Lende

For engineers like me with little or no graphic design abilities - perfect!
Mikel Eguren

Easy to use, have many option, author give respond for any support question just in a minute, and all is free. Great job bro...
Arfan (Indonesia)

This is truly a great product and a very nice share. I was up and running with this in a few minutes. The wealth of supplied demos made adaptation to scripting quick and easy. Thank you!
Lawyer Client Publishing

For reporting performance tests, we needed a reporting system that is readily available, easily accessible, produces different reports for different audiences (Management, Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Audiences, etc) and different periods (daily, weekly, iterations, etc). After a thorough spike, RGraph was chosen as our charting library to use with HTML5 (canvas), JavaScript, CSS, jQuery and a LAMP solution stack. The library proved to be a great investment of our time and RGraph also has great features. For example, we could use the tooltips when we are on a line chart to get bar charts for the previous x days/weeks, etc in our reports. It also had different kinds of charts, so our design was not limited by the library. For the management reports, speed was a factor, and RGraph worked well with HTML5, returning the graphs much faster than other libraries. All in all, I am happy with our selection, the ease of use, features, footprint, support and many others.
Yingwani Jan Mnisi, Cisco Ireland

I was searching for something to easily implement some charts into my web application. I came across RGraph and found out that it was exactly what I was looking for. It uses native web technologies, is easy even for JavaScript beginners, is sufficiently robust, provides many types of charts and lots of options. I also really appreciated the fast response when in need of support.
Karel Jara, Web developer

RGraph is the most user friendly, convenient, and easiest to learn Javascript charting library that I have encountered during my search for a Javascript charts library. The patterns are obvious, unlike most of other charting libraries that provide substantial amount of complex code, consequently easy to master and modify as necessary with very little knowledge of Javascript! I highly recommend RGraph Javascript libraries for all of your charting needs. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort that the developer has devoted to constructing the RGraph library.
Karen Israelyan, Web developer

My only disappointment with regards to the RGraph library is that I did not find it sooner.
A.T., web developer

RGraph is an easy to use library for creating all kinds of different charts. Additionally, it provides a series of properties that give life to your charts, such as zooming, tooltips and animations
Michel Leong, web developer

For many months we explored various charting options before settling on a high dollar package. When it did not perform as expected we also purchased RGraph. We are now starting to use RGraph just as much as the high-dollar package. RGraph charts are easy to implement, execute flawlessly, and the support is fast and friendly. My recommendation is to start with RGraph FIRST.
Brandon B, CEO LEAP Communications Group, Inc.

RGraph really is a flexible and easy to use library. We employ it on our website for dynamically generating temperature and voltage tracking curves. Our choice went to RGraph because these curves have to be displayed in nearly any web browser, including smartphones and tablets. And because support is outstanding!
J. Hulaas, CEO and CTO of EcoStarter

My data, held in an SQL data base, was easily queried and plotted on a chart. The charts can be customized to your needs. The technical support is great and the project is awesome!
Eric, web developer

When I need interactive charts on my web site, I turn to RGraph. It is easy to use and produces beautiful charts.
John Carlson, web developer

This product is already great and continually evolving. It is compatible with all the mobile devices that are usually very finicky. The tech support gets back to us at breakneck speed. This is an "A" product with "A+" support.
Gerry Axelrod, Sportsonesource LLC

RGraph makes it much easier for us to visualize complex SEO metrics in our SEO platform
Matthias Zeitler,

An incredible HTML5 JavaScript library for all your chart needs. Amazingly fast support, when sending a question I was greeted with a reply within less than 10 minutes. I would gladly recommend RGraph to anyone.
Carlos Eriksson, Web Designer & Developer

RGraph is very useful and I like the 3D variant of Bar charts. - it's very easy to use. The support is also good. Thank you RGraph team.
Lochana.R, Web Developer

I have had to work with many charts and graphing solutions in the past, and RGraph is easy to implement and performs very well. But if i have to emphasize on what has most impressed me, it is the excellent support received. This includes fast email response, test pages made specifically for my case and sent to me, and notification of inclusion of my request in the next beta version (all in the same day), and when the next beta will be released (release date in less that a week). This service has proven to be more effective than high paying solutions. I will continue to work with RGraph and recommend it to all who need it.
David Lisin, Web Developer

RGraph has made my life simple. The ease of implementation and speed at which i was able to graph my reeftank data was the difference of having charted data or not. Thank you for all your hard work to simplify my life. It is great to have a package that works as advertised.
Paul Viscovich, Web Developer

RGraph is a top quality and stable product. You will not be disappointed this purchase.
J Brandon Buie, Web Developer

Very good. I needed a tax invoice and they sent it as soon as I asked.
Adrian Raper, Web Developer

Very good. The software was inexpensive yet effective.
Steven Emilienburg, Web Developer

Now my medical statistics looks fantastic. The large amount of tools and settings that can be specified are awesome and the technical support is practically immediate.
Rodolfo Garza, Medical physician

RGraph is the perfect toolkit for our website and our other forthcoming SaaS solutions.
Peter Samson, President Seattle Software Works

Awesome script!
Will Rodriguez, Web developer

RGraph is a very nice graph API. And the support is amazing!
Miguel Stevens, Web developer

RGraph is a very powerful library...thanks a lot!
Samuel, Web developer

Excellent and very impressive HTML5 charting library. I have used RGraph in my projects and it is very easy to use, and RGraph has excellent support team to ready for help at any time. I would just like to say "THANK YOU" for a VERY quick response. I didn't expect it SO quick. You have given me some good advise and believe me, it is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks you very much. Imdadhusen Sunasara Thanks Again!!!!
Sunasara Imdadhusen, Web developer

I have RGraph to have remarkable legacy support using ExCanvas. It is fast, has great documentation, and the support has been very good and prompt.
Simeon Bartley, Web developer

RGraph is a great addition to our web development arsenal. It has the flexibility to cover all the graphing we need to do and continues to be regularly updated. The extensive examples on the website cover all the options and help with the learning curve. The developer even answered my email support question...and within 24 hours! Highly recommended.
Paul Shannon, Web developer

I found RGraph very useful and simple to implement. I integrated it with an solution and it worked quite seamlessly.
Chris Francis, Web developer

A lightweight, easy to use chart generator. I have used it in one of my projects and I would recommend anyone who want to have graphs on their webpages in minutes.
Ved Prakash, Web developer

hi to all,RGraph is really good.It helps me a lot.thanks to RGraph team. ..........Thank u guys.......
Sharan, Web developer

Thank you!!, its been very helpful and practical
Pipi, Web developer

You are doing amazing work. This library is the best one out there. I am currently using it in a project and hope that I will continue to use it my future projects too.
Ashish, Web developer

RGraph provides fantastic support and product. The product scales to really large numbers of data points and plots them without issue. The same cannot be said of Flash based products. Graphs are portable across a wide range of browsers including iPhone/iPad and Android. The only exception being older version of IE but that is Microsofts fault. RGraph provides very professional and fast graphing for your site at very low cost.

Have spent some time working on the Rose charts feature of RGraph. The tool is very powerful and useful, but was lacking some features such as stacked segments for each sector on a Rose chart and the colouring of each segment differently. However, I submitted some patches to incorporate these features and the RGraph team responded immediately and soon after rolled out the updates. We have used RGraph in our website designed specifically for people working in external engagement across universities, allowing users to browse a professional development framework, carry out a self-assessment of their standing against the framework and to browse, upload and comment on professional development resources. The self-assement part uses the interactive Rose charts of RGraph to help give users clear and useful results on their evaluations.
Anthony Gladdish, Netskills

RGraph has all the features for charts development in HTML5 and jQuery.... The support is very good and they solved our doubts quickly so I recommend this software to all....
Zylog Systems Ltd

Okay Thank you very much... I love Rgraph... :D
Zainul Masadi, Web developer

I'd like to say that these works are awesome. Respect your work.
Zaur Aliyev, Web developer

It is helping me a lot, as an assistant statistician here packaging our updated socio economic profile. Thank you to everyone.
Local Government Unit of Lupon, Davao Oriental, Philippines

I'm using RGraph in my own personal projects (not public) and it's amazing!!
Marco, Web developer

I find your api today and get lost in all the examples for 2 hours. Also amazed that how easy it is. I was searching for these things and got at one place. Thanks a lot buddies!
Alauddin Ansari, Web developer

The simplicity wrapped around the power is amazing. Well thought out and elegantly designed.
Rick Robinson, Web developer

Very good. Easy to use.
Harry, Web developer

Making Radar charts for a report with CoffeeScript and RGraph is faster, easier and prettier than with excel!
Frederic Laurent, Web developer

Great job awesome graphs .... please continue...!
Self Company Inc

Thanks, it is nice site for bar chart and pie. It is easy to use.
Pankaj Lilhore, Web developer

Been using your charts for over two years. Awesome job!

I use RGraph in my apps using Titanium Appcelerator. It took some time to understand its workings but once you get the nack of it, it's a sinch. Great graphics and great support.
Nico Verduin

We are using Rgraph for monitoring purposes. Great performance, outstanding graphs, thanks.
Hans van Hattum, AAB

Awesome script!!
Trần Huy Long - VietNamUns

It is really very nice creation.
Dhirendra Misra

Love the new CSV thing released in Oct.
Andrew Wicklow, Scobie & Junor

Amazing...! Love this!
Hash Include

I have just started using the RGraph library: it's really great and quite easy to learn (I am a what I would call a 'proper' developer :-)). So thanks a lot for creating this library.

Great graphing solution. Easy to setup and good output.
Chris Johnson