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Use free HTML5 charts and the canvas tag to build faster websites

RGraph is a free HTML5 based JavaScript charts library built for web charts and supports over twenty different types of visualisation. Using the <canvas> tag, RGraph creates these charts inside the web browser using JavaScript, meaning quicker pages and less web server load. This leads to smaller page sizes, lower costs and faster websites.

Truly Open Source and Free to use

RGraph is truly Open and Free to use for any purpose under the MIT license. Free for commercial use, free for non-commercial use, free for any type of use! Can you get better than that? The full source is included in the download and you can edit it as you wish.

[No canvas support]

JavaScript charts and graphs made with the HTML5 canvas tag

JavaScript and the canvas tag are built in to all modern browsers and allow for quick and easy 2D drawing. Using RGraph to produce your charts makes the process a breeze and enables you to quickly get up and running. The Canvas tag is supported by all modern browsers and mobile devices meaning your charts and graphs will be seen by the widest possible number of users. You can read more about the canvas tag here as well as more about JavaScript/HTML5 based charts here.

Feature packed and fully documented

As you'll see from the RGraph documentation there are lots of advantages to using RGraph such as:

Open Source license

RGraph uses the MIT license - which is one of the most liberal of all the Open Source licenses. You're completely entitled to use RGraph and/or make changes to it if you need to. Bundle it with your software or print it out and hand it out at music festivals - it's up to you!

[No canvas support]


Rendering times can be measured in milliseconds so the charts will not slow down your page. There's a substantial section in the documentation about speeding up your pages. Many of these performance tips can also be applied to pages that don't even use the canvas tag.

Good support

If you have an isuue with RGraph you can post it in the the support forum. The testimonials frequently praise RGraph support.

JavaScript based charts for your website

The charts are created using JavaScript and with the wide ranging and good support of JavaScript in modern PC based web browsers and other devices (eg mobiles, tablets) your charts will be seen by the widest audience possible. Even MSIE 7/8 are supported by using ExCanvas.

AJAX/JSON support

All of the supported chart types can be used in conjunction with AJAX, JSON or both. There is specific functionality available to make working with these technologies easier. There are examples of both AJAX and JSON in the documentation and the download archive.

Interactive charts

All of the charts support interactive features such as tooltips, CSS animations and visual effects, context menus, adjustability, zooming, annotation and custom events.

Drawing API

The RGraph drawing API allows you to add interactive elements to your charts such as rectangles, circles, polygons, images and extra axes. These allow you to customise your charts and add extra interactivity.

Fully documented and easy to use

The comprehensive RGraph documentation is both up-to-date and has plenty of easy-to-follow examples and simplified walk-thrus. name a few. You can also combine different types of charts (see the examples for more).

All the charts and features are documented with examples and code that you can use. The HOWTO guides walk you through doing common tasks step-by-step with more example code.

The full source is included in the download and you're free to make changes to suit your needs. The API is documented and there are several basic examples to help get you up and running.

Suggest a feature or improvement

If you have a suggestion for a feature that you think would be beneficial to RGraph then you can suggest it by using the feedback form.

Read testimonials about RGraph

If you want to read testimonials about the RGraph software you can do so on this page. If you enjoy using RGraph then please add your own testimonial or feedback.