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HTML5 charts that get you noticed

What is RGraph? It's a charting library. It can generate lots of different kinds of charts. It uses JavaScript along with the new(ish) HTML5 canvas tag to create them right inside your browser. This reduces load on your server making it and your website more speedy. It can also reduce the size of your pages and speed up your website. Everybody benefits!

It's free and open to use non-commercially

If you want to use RGraph on a non-commercial website then just go ahead. RGraph uses the Creative Commons BY-NC license which means that if you wish to use RGraph on a non-commercial website then go on - it's free! All of the source is included in the archive and if you want to change it to meet your needs then go ahead. - there's no restrictions on doing so.

If you want to use RGraph commercially or just don't wish to link to the RGraph website then a Standard license for RGraph is not 1000's - it's just £99 (the cheapest of the commercial chart libraries?). So if you find the idea of paying excessive amounts of your hard earned money (potentially 1000s!) a bitter pill to swallow then RGraph is a good bet.

"I have RGraph to have remarkable legacy support using ExCanvas. It is fast, has great documentation, and the support has been very good and prompt." - Simeon Bartley, Web developer

Use the canvas tag to create fast charts and graphs

With the wide proliference of HTML5 and the canvas tag, fast and simple 2D drawing is available to a great many browsers and mobile devices. RGraph makes the production of charts quick and easy and you'll be up and running in no time at all! Browsers and mobile devices having such good support means that lots of people will see your charts. There's a quick primer on the canvas tag here and you can read about HTML5 and JavaScript based charts here.

Lots of features and documentation

There are lots of plus points to using RGraph to make your charts with, which you can see from the RGraph documentation and these points:

Permissive license

If you want to use RGraph on a non-commercial website then go right ahead - no license purchase is necessary. It uses the Creative Commons BY-NC license. You can also make changes to the RGraph libraries as and when you need to.

Download it and try it out

The best way to find out what RGraph is like is to download it and try it out! Simply head on over to the download page to get hold of it.