The RGraph license agreement - information and FAQs

If you link to the RGraph website please do not copy the RGraph website content. If you want to link to a specific page though - feel free.
General Public License v2.0

RGraph is available to use under a dual-licensing scheme. You can use it as you wish under the terms of the GPL (General Public License). Alternatively you may purchase an RGraph Commercial License and then use it under those terms and not be bound by the GPL restrictions (eg modifications should be shared with the original author).


If you use it under the terms of the GPL please link back to this website, thanks.

Commercial licensing


Standard license: £99

For the majority of use cases the licensing for RGraph is very simple - there's just one per-company license which is 99. This covers use on websites, private websites (eg intranets) or in offline materials.


OEM license: £499

The one exception to the standard licensing is for OEM use. This allows you to include RGraph in your own software which may be used for the purposes of building websites or related materials and you would prefer your Customers not to incur any further costs as a result of using RGraph; or a similar situation where your software contains RGraph and you don't wish your users to be liable for their own RGraph commercial license. In this case the OEM license is 499. You can use the "Buy now..." button above to purchase this license type.

OEM License terms

  1. You are granted the non-exclusive rights set forth in this document provided you agree to and comply with any and all conditions in these terms.
  2. You may develop application programs, reusable components and other software items that use the original or modified versions of the RGraph software. You may include RGraph as a part of the software that either supports or controls the software or device(s) that you make.
  3. The OEM license permits you to use RGraph as part of your own software or hardware which may or may not then be used by your own Customers to build web sites, web applications, web based software or non-web based software. As a result of using your software or hardware your Customers do not have any further responsibility to purchase their own RGraph Commercial License.
  4. The OEM license can also be the most economical way of commercially licensing a large number of your clients. If you do have a large number of clients who use your product(s) (which may or may not be on different domains) then instead of buying a license for each Customer you can instead buy an OEM license which will cover all current and future usage. The OEM license is a one-time payment of £499.
  5. You may use the RGraph name in your promotional materials if you wish to promote your software or hardware. The RGraph name must not be used in a derogatory, defamatory or negative way or in a way that would bring RGraph into disrepute. You may not sell/resell or purport to sell/resell RGraph commercial licenses or do anything which may cause harm to RGraph Commercial Licensing sales. The OEM license is for you and Customers who buy your products or services only.
  6. You may not sell, resell or otherwise provide RGraph as an independent piece of software. You may include RGraph as part of your own software, hardware or as part of the service(s) that you provide but you may not sell/resell RGraph or purport to sell/resell RGraph commercial licenses


Commercial licensing FAQs

Do I need to buy a commercial license?
For commercial use that isn't under the GPL, then yes - you need a commercial license to use RGraph. Otherwise - you may use RGraph in compliance with the terms of the GPL.

How many licenses do I need?
If you require an RGraph commercial license then you only need to buy a single license for your company.

How much is a commercial license?
The price for a standard RGraph commercial license is 99. The OEM license is 499.

Is the fee recurring or a single payment?
The RGraph commercial licensing fee is a single one-time payment and does not recur.

Where can I buy RGraph commercial licenses?
The only place you can buy RGraph commercial licenses is this website.

How much does support cost?
Support is free and there is no time limit or restrictions on it. You can send an email to: the RGraph support team.

Are there any non-profit discounts on the license fee?
Yes. If you're a non-profit organisation (eg charity, school, government organisation, private-use/individual) then there is a 20% discount on the license fee - making it £79 for the Standard license and 399 for the OEM license. To enquire about the discount please email support.

What if I need something that's not part of RGraph?
If there's a feature that you need that's not part of RGraph then please get in touch with the RGraph support team. If it's not too specific then it will most likely be able to be added to the general distribution of RGraph.

What does the license cover?
The RGraph license covers RGraph as a whole. Excepting ExCanvas and jQuery, the JavaScript code that you find in the RGraph archive is covered by the RGraph license (ie the GPL or the commercial license).

What if I make an authoring tool (or similar) that I wish to include RGraph with? (OEM licensing)
If you make an authoring tool that you wish to include RGraph with then you're free to do so. Keep in mind though that any users who make use of RGraph will become susceptible to the GPL or be liable for their own RGraph commercial license. If you don't wish for this to happen then you can instead opt for an RGraph commercial OEM license for your software. This will mean that you and your softwares users can use RGraph and not have to worry about RGraph licenses. You can use the button above to buy the OEM license.

Do I need to provide a backlink?
Anybody who uses RGraph does not need to link back to the RGraph website. If you're using the software under the GPL it's very much appreciated if you choose to do so though!

Can I get an invoice?
Simply go here to create an invoice:, enter your email address and you can create and print an invoice that you can use for tax purposes.


Legal terms

Coverage of this license

This license applies to software originating from the website. Such software is herein referred to as the Software. The license covers modification and distribution of the Software, use of third-party application programs based on the Software, and development of software which uses the Software. Note that ExCanvas is covered by the Apache license and jQuery is covered by the MIT license.

Granted rights

  1. You are granted the non-exclusive rights set forth in this document provided you agree to and comply with any and all conditions in this document. Whole or partial use of the Software, signifies acceptance of this license.
  2. You may develop application programs, reusable components and other software items that use the original or modified versions of the Software. If your use is in accordance with the GPL you may use and distribute these programs or components in accordance with the terms of the GPL.

    If your use is on a commercial basis and/or you have purchased an RGraph commercial license for your company/entity, you are not bound by the terms of the GPL (General Public License) and do not need to reshare any modifications.

Copyright notice

The ownership of the Licensed material is not transferred to you in this agreement.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall the initial developers or copyright holders be liable for any damages whatsoever, including - but not restricted to - lost revenue or profits or other direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages, except to the extent invariable law, if any, provides otherwise.

No warranty


Availability of RGraph

The only place you can download an official archive containing the RGraph software is the RGraph website.

Choice of law

This license document is governed by the Laws of England. Disputes shall be settled by Chelmsford town court.


Contact support

Any questions or queries about this license or its extent should be directed to the RGraph support team