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MIT License

RGraph is completely free to use, licensed using the MIT license. You don't have to pay me anything to use it. Any donations are always very welcome of course! It doesn't have to be a large donation - even if you can only spare £5 it's appreciated. If you'd rather though, I'd also appreciate it if you could credit the RGraph software somehow. Thanks.

Donations of £19 or more can have the name linked to a website (see the donor list below). I'll email you to see where you'd like the link pointing to. I won't be linking to any dodgy or pornographic sites though!

If you have any trouble sending your donation then please let me know. You can use the support forum to get in touch

RGraph is Free and Open Source Software

RGraph is Free and Open Source Software RGraph is Free and Open Source Software

RGraph was originally started as a commercial project - licensed using the Creative Commons BY_NC license and it was like this for a while but was then switched to an Open Source license and that's what it is now and therefore it's truly Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). As a result you don't have to pay me for using it, buy me a gift or take me out for a drink. Use it; don't use it; it's up to you! You can read more about me on the About page...

The MIT license is well known as an Open Source license and means that you can use RGraph for any purpose you wish - non-commercial or commercial. You can include it your own software, modify it and distribute it without asking for permission or paying any fees.

There is nothing that the end user needs to do or buy and there's no requirement for you to contribute back your changes should you make any. Basically: You can do what you like with it!

Donor list

Here's a list of people who have donated to the RGraph project. Thanks very much!

March 2018

No donors this month.

February 2018

January 2018

Lasse Dahl

December 2017

No donors this month.

November 2017

Ohmsai inc

October 2017

SurveyCities/Maui Computer Services LLC, Michael Davis

September 2017

Claus Tondering

August 2017

David Bartlett

July 2017

American Coders LTD, Chou Tso-Chuan

June 2017

Industrial Data Systems

May 2017

Artspot Inc.

April 2017

No donors this month.

March 2017

No donors this month.