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RGraph: Interactive JavaScript charts for your website

Free JavaScript charts

Easy-to-use, Open Source library that creates attractive charts with JavaScript.

What is RGraph?

RGraph is an Open Source charts library that creates charts using JavaScript and either SVG or canvas. The charts are fast and attractive to look at (as evidenced by the Bar chart above). Read about JavaScript charts...

Many chart types

60+ chart types using both SVG and canvas for drawing. From Bar and Line charts to a variety of Gauges - all of your needs are catered for.
Read the docs: SVG Canvas

Open Source and Free to use

Open Source and Free to use Fed up with the high cost of JavaScript charting libraries? RGraph isn't like that - it's Open Source and Free to use! No up-front payment; no recurring fees and no usage caps. You can use it as much or as little as you wish without paying anything. Just think of all the money you'll save - happy days!

Combine different types of charts

Combine different types of chart Multiple charts can be combined on a single SVG or canvas tag. This means you can combine types to create rich charts and dashboards.

Data import utilities

Data import utilities If your data is stored in Google Sheets, a CSV file or via AJAX then RGraph has utilities for you! They allow you to fetch data directly without storing it as a file on your web-server first.

Animations and effects

Animations and effects Animations and effects are available for each chart type and there's a number of CSS3 effects available that can be used with any chart.

Fully documented

Fully documented From the canvas HOWTO documents to the SVG docs pages the RGraph library is fully documented. There's a large section dedicated to installation and setup to help you get up and running. Failing that you can ask support question in the support forum.


RGraph is Free and Open Source software using the MIT license
RGraph is licensed using the MIT license for complete freedom.
RGraph supports many different chart types using both SVG and canvas
60+ chart types using both SVG and canvas to draw them.
RGraph is built using HTML5 technologies
RGraph is built using HTML5 technologies - SVG and canvas.
Great support for issues with RGraph
Great support is available (and that's not just me bragging!).

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