A Bar chart with a dark background
A Bar chart that looks like the millionaire 'Ask the audience' results
A dark stacked Line chart using the trace effect sequentially on multiple datasets
A dark blue Bar chart
A blue themed Line chart A Line chart showing the various sales made by different employees This is an example of how the Pie chart can be utilised to create a dashboard A dark Meter thats been heavily customised
A mockup of a dashboard A stacked and filled animated Line chart An activity Meter A Horizontal Bar chart
A black and orange Horizontal Bar chart A segmented and animated Donut chart A dark coloured Line chart A black and purple mixed Line and Bar chart
An SVG Line chart with a basic look and feel A Line chart with a highlighted section A graduated orange filled SVG Line chart An SVG Pie chart configured to look like a Meter


RGraph can make a wide variety of JavaScript charts for your websites. They're made using either SVG or canvas. It's easy to customise and integrate into your pages. RGraph is compatible with desktops, mobiles and tablets.

There's extensive well written documentation to get you going, over 700 example pages in the download and active support by email is available if you need more help. You can read about RGraph and my own experience in IT on the about page and all about me here .

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Easily connect to your data with the CSV connector, the Google Sheets connector, the AJAX functionality and the server-side import documentation.

How would I connect to a CSV file on my website...?
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How would I get data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet...?
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How would I get data via AJAX..?
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How would I get information from a database...?
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With RGraph you can put beautiful charts and graphs on your website

RGraph allows you to put colorful, high quality data visualizations and dashboards on your website. It provides more than 60 different types of graphic (eg Bar, Line, Pie etc.) that render across a wide variety of devices (eg desktops, mobiles, tablets) and provides over 700 examples to get you started.

A rotated Bar
Free for comercial use...

Are you running a commercial website? Perhaps your company website or webapp? Want to use RGraph on it? Go right ahead! RGraph is free for any sort of commercial use.

...and free for non-comercial use too!

RGraph is also free for non-commercial use - so if you want to use it on your website then go right ahead. Blogs, charity sites, educational sites, NGOs - all types of websites are allowed.

RGraph is Free and Open Source

RGraph is Free and Open Source (MIT license) - so you can do exactly what you want with it. You don't need permission or to crawl through a massive license agreement. Help yourself and have fun with RGraph!

An outline Bar with an arrow


RGraph is Open Source using the MIT licence


RGraph uses native browser technologies


Easily integrate and update with JavaScript


Easy to use and create attractive visualisations that are meaningful


Over 60 different charts are available are available for you to use


Plenty of documentation to get you going and as a reference