Background image
A Bar chart with a dark background
A Bar chart that looks like the millionaire 'Ask the audience' results
A dark stacked Line chart using the trace effect sequentially on multiple datasets
A dark blue Bar chart
A blue themed Line chart A Line chart showing the various sales made by different employees This is an example of how the Pie chart can be utilised to create a dashboard A dark Meter thats been heavily customised
A mockup of a dashboard A stacked and filled animated Line chart An activity Meter A Horizontal Bar chart
A black and orange Horizontal Bar chart A segmented and animated Donut chart A dark coloured Line chart A black and purple mixed Line and Bar chart
An SVG Line chart with a basic look and feel A Line chart with a highlighted section A graduated orange filled SVG Line chart An SVG Pie chart configured to look like a Meter
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RGraph enables you to put beautiful JavaScript charts on your website

RGraph allows you to put colorful, high quality graphs, charts, data visualizations and dashboards on your website. It provides more than 60 different types of charts (eg Bar charts, Line charts, Pie charts etc.) that render across a wide variety of devices (eg desktops, mobiles, tablets) and provides over 700 examples to get you started.

What are JavaScript charts?

You can use a JavaScript charts library to put pretty, interactive charts on your websites. They're quick to load, good looking and they integrate easily with your website. Due to their typically small size they can reduce the footprint of your website and so lead to speed increases. They can be made to be interactive and so they can easily act as a centerpoint focus for your pages.

Since the charts came into popular usage in 2009 the abilities of these charts has grown and they now work well with technologies such as AJAX, CSV files, Google Sheets and server-side scripting (eg PHP, ASP and JSP). There are specific utilities for CSV files and Google docs and detailed documentation for server integration .

There are lots of tpes of visualisation available to you from straight-forward Bar charts to more esoteric chart types such as Fan charts for monetary visualisations or Funnel charts for visualising sales processes so there's sure to be one for you. More visualisations can be created by combining two or more chart types together.

A rotated Bar chart
Free for any type of use...

Are you running a commercial website? Perhaps your company website or webapp? Want to use RGraph on it? Go right ahead! RGraph is free for any sort of commercial use.

RGraph is also free for non-commercial use - so if you want to use it on your website then go right ahead. Blogs, charity sites, educational sites, NGOs - all types of websites are allowed.

RGraph is Free and Open Source!

RGraph is Free and Open Source - so you can do exactly what you want with it. You don't need permission or to crawl through a massive license agreement. Help yourself and have fun with RGraph!

Easy to connect to your data

Your data is probably always changing, so once you're set up, RGraph makes it easy for you to update your data with these methods:

How would I connect my chart to a CSV file on my website...?CSV files
RGraph has dedicated CSV import functionality that will make it easy to get data from a CSV file.
Example code...
How would I connect my chart to my Google Sheets spreadsheet...?Google Sheets
The Google Sheets connector allows you to fetch data directly from your Google Spreadsheet.
Example code...
How would I connect my chart to my AJAX pages...?AJAX
The AJAX functions allow you to easily integrate your RGraph charts with your existing AJAX scripts.
Example code...
How would I connect my chart to a database...?Databases
The database documentation will help you to get your data directly from a database into your RGraph charts.
Example code...

Why use RGraph for your website charting needs?

MIT licensed for maximum freedom Completely free for any purpose meaning that you can do whatever you want with it. You're free to include it in your website, your application or your hardware devices.
Over 60 SVG and canvas chart types From Bar, Line and Pie charts to Meters and Progress bars RGraph has a variety of charts. Different charts can be combined to make distinct types of chart. There examples of this in the download.

JavaScript, HTML5, SVG and canvas Easily integrated into your page, RGraph uses standard HTML5 elements to create the charts. No external libraries are used so there's no dependencies and you'll get up and running quickly.
Lots of documentation
From API references to HOWTO documents, RGraph has lots of documentation. By using Google (or Bing, or Yahoo et al) you can search it very easily if necessary.

More examples of charts

A 3D Bar chart
A 3D Bar chart

A multi-row 3D Bar chart
A horizontal Bar chart
A horizontal Bar chart
A dynamic SVG Bar chart
A dynamic SVG Bar chart
A Radar chart
A Radar chart
A Rose chart
A Rose chart
A stacked Bipolar chart
A stacked Bipolar chart
A Line chart using errorbars
A dynamic SVG Line chart
A Waterfall with negative values
A Waterfall with negatives
A banded Pie/Donut chart chart
A banded Pie/Donut chart
A variety of Gauges, Meters and progress bars
Variety of Gauges and Meters
A Pie/Donut chart
A Pie/Donut chart
An unframed Meter chart
An animated Bipolar chart
A grouped Bar chart
A simple b/w Line chart
A graduated Line chart
A Line chart with a range shown
A stacked Line chart
A Semi-circular progress chart
A Bar with an HBar background
An inverted, filled Line chart
A graduated/stepped Meter chart
A Radial Scatter chart
See many more examples...