Want to easily add JavaScript charts to your website?

RGraph is a JavaScript charting library that makes fast and pretty charts for the web - it makes it easy to add interactive charts to your website
[No canvas support]
  • 100% Free and Open Source GitHub
  • Easy to use
  • Over 50 styles of responsive charts
  • Built on HTML5 technology
  • Great online documentation
  • Data import tools [read more...]
  • Support straight from the developer
  • First released in 2008


Four reasons to use RGraph

  • Four reasons to use RGraph: Number 1 - it's Free and Open Source
    Open Source
    RGraph uses the MIT license so it's completely unrestricted
  • Four reasons to use RGraph: Number 2 - it uses modern HTML5 and JavaScript technology
    HTML5 tech
    RGraph uses SVG, canvas and JavaScript
  • Four reasons to use RGraph: Number 3 - it's made from pure JavaScript
    Pure JavaScript
    Fast client-side JavaScript is used for easy integration
  • Four reasons to use RGraph: Number 4 - there are 50+ charts and variations available
    50+ charts
    There are lots of chart types and features available


Authentic 3D charts

RGraph can make authentic-looking 3D Bar charts, There are lots of examples across both SVG and canvas of 3D charts. Read more about the 3D chart support in RGraph.

Data-import tools

The RGraph import tools make importing your data easy: [csv] [sheets] [tables] [ajax] [get] Additionally, there's comprehensive documentation available for integrating with server-side scripting.

Responsive charts

Cinema screens, desktops, tablets or mobile screen sizes can be catered for using the responsive feature that RGraph has. Read about the responsive function

Interactive charts

All of the chart types have interactive features available to them (for example tooltips, adjusting, annotating ). Use these to create interactive charts and dashboards.

Download RGraph or read more: [canvas] [SVG]