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The RGraph logo RGraph: Beautiful Javascript charts for the web

Beautiful javascript charts for websites

  • Open Source
  • 50+ charts
  • Customisable
  • Integrates easily
  • Fully documented
  • 700+ examples
  • Great support

Example charts

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Easily connect to your data

How would I connect to a CSV file on my website?
CSV Files
Docs | See code
How would I get data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet?
Google Sheets
Docs | See code
How would I get data via AJAX?
AJAX functions
Docs | See code
How would I get information from a database?
Database docs
Docs | See code

RGraph is Open Source and uses the MIT licence
MIT License
RGraph uses HTML5 canvas and SVG
HTML5 tech
Written in pure JavaScript
Pure JavaScript
Over 50 types of charts
50+ chart types

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