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September 2017

Subject Author Last updated
How do I add indication of what is meant by blue or black colors? (2) Amit today
The Pie chart title and the chart are getting mixed together (1) Amit yesterday
How do I add a country label in a Pie chart? (6) Amit yesterday
The Line chart getShape function update in the new version (5) Zsolt yesterday
I've found a mistake on this Horizontal Bar chart demo page (3) Steven 18th September
Question regarding the files needed to run RGraph (3) rohit 15th September
How can I stop adjusting during adjusting? (1) Sta 11th September
Can you use a logarithmic scale on a gauge? (5) Graeme Elsworthy 9th September
How do I find out which bar is being adjusted on a Bar chart? (2) Sta 9th September
Is it possible to show tooltips on yaxisLabels in an SVG Bar chart? (3) Victor 8th September
Is the vertical Bar chart adjustable like the Line chart? (1) Sta 8th September
How do I change the scaleDecimals value depending on the maximum value? (5) Claus 8th September
I found an HBar internal error when drawing tickmarks (4) David Cook 7th September
Is there a CDN for the RGraph libraries? (1) Jon 7th September
Reading data from a PLC unit (4) Mike 4th September
Is there an example of a background fill? (1) Amit 3rd September
Pie chart static tooltips/third label instead of onhover or click (6) Amit 2nd September
Are RGraph charts responsive? (2) Amit 2nd September
How do I remove the Pie chart outward lines? (2) Amit 2nd September

August 2017

Subject Author Last updated
How can I get the SVG Bar chart tooltips to use the mousemove event? (1) Victor 30th August
Details and suggestions on "An SVG Line chart using the trace effect" (3) Rainer 28th August
Need a download link for last version of RGraph v2 (1) Greg 28th August
400 Error in chart with Excel (4) Michal 28th August
Gauge chart modifying the value (5) Graeme Elsworthy 26th August
How do I make a Pie chart wedge clickable and open in a new window? (2) TomW 24th August
How do I draw a line on a Bar chart? (1) Sudarshan 23rd August
How can i export the created 3D Pie chart to MS-Excel? (1) dev 22nd August
How do I retrieve values from a JSON string? (2) Rick 22nd August
How can I reduce the margins on the canvas in a Pie chart? (5) dev 22nd August
Vertically aligned labelsAbove in a Bar chart (5) Victor 22nd August
Ho do I change the text margins on the HBar Y axis? (1) Barum Jeffries 22nd August
Set Meter/Gauge Value from Variable (2) Dean 21st August
HBar with xmin/xmax (3) David Cook 20th August
Property valueTextDecimals isn't working on meter (1) Mike Gunter 18th August
Trying to get a responsive Meter chart (1) Florian 17th August
Some chart elements not scaled when canvas resized (18) Paul 17th August
Bar chart Y axis scale problem (2) Zsolt 16th August
I've made an improvement to drawInGraphLabels (6) Anthony Kuma 15th August
I've made some changes to the Gauge chart (2) Graeme Elsworthy 14th August
Feature request: textAngle on the Scatter chart xscale property (2) Claus 10th August
Context menu position issue (2) Zsolt 10th August
I have a problem with an X axis not redrawing properly (5) Zsolt 10th August
Is it possible to have clickable segments in a stacked bar chart to show clicked... (7) TomW 10th August
Modification to the Line chart getShape() method request (2) Zsolt 10th August
Issue with the Pie chart titles (4) TomW 6th August
Question about redrawing the Scatter chart (7) David Cook 6th August
How do I make the gap between the bars narrower? (4) TomW 5th August

July 2017

Subject Author Last updated
I'm trying to create multiple charts using multiple canvas tags with the CSV rea... (1) Sebastian 31st July
On responsive/fluid designs (1) David Cook 28th July
Tricky solution for vertical direction scale on the X axis (3) Zsolt 28th July


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