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January 2018

Subject Author Last updated
Can I use different colors for each side of a Bipolar chart? (9)
Does RGraph support Pareto charts? (2)
Greg Thurmon
20th January
My PCs memory runs out when a dynamic updating chart is displayed (1)
19th January
My Bar chart is drawing all the way to the top when the data is equal to 1 (1)
18th January
Can I make a Line chart with 30 lines? (17)
18th January
I'm getting a "obj.drawPoly is not a function" error (2)
18th January
I have a problem with the Gauge chart labels (2)
Romain B
18th January
How do I get keys to work with my SVG Line chart? (2)
18th January
Can you add a new point to a Line chart with a click event? (2)
17th January
How do I go about customising the tooltips? (3)
11th January
I'm using MVC.Net and my view with RGraph causes a second execution of that cont... (2)
John C
10th January
My one bar stacked Horizontal Bar chart doesn't properly stack (1)
Paul Dubinsky
7th January
The RGraph tooltip function for Android isn't working (6)
5th January
How do I get a striped Line chart? (5)
4th January
How do I make a responsive Horizontal Progress bar? (3)
2nd January
How do I hide a tooltip using the mouseout event? (1)
Jean Ti
2nd January
How do I display negative values on a Line chart? (7)
1st January

December 2017

Subject Author Last updated
After I clear the SVG my Line chart tooltip hotspots persist (4)
28th December 2017
Can you tell me what this error message means? (19)
Todd Shafer
26th December 2017
How would I go about customizing my tooltips? (1)
Todd Shafer
18th December 2017
I'm trying to get my Y axis positioned on the right of the chart (4)
Todd Shafer
16th December 2017
I have an issue with the RGraph.SVG.clear() function (21)
Todd Shafer
15th December 2017
I have an issue with assigning labels on the X axis (1)
Manikanta Obbilisetti
11th December 2017
I have incorrect decimals on my VProgress when the range is small (2)
Scott McCoy
8th December 2017
Can I show wildly different values on a (canvas) Bar chart? (1)
8th December 2017
How do I make my Scatter chart points disappear and reappear? (8)
6th December 2017
How can I have dual axes in my Bar chart? (1)
Manikanta Obbilisetti
5th December 2017
I have an overlap issue of the labels and labelsticks in a Pie chart (3)
4th December 2017
How do I create a Bubble chart using a non-numerical Y axis? (1)
2nd December 2017

November 2017

Subject Author Last updated
Can RGraph be used to generate hierarchical data? (3)
30th November 2017
The text in a Donut 3D chart is unreadable when adjusted (1)
28th November 2017
Updating my Gauge causes it to overwrite the existing chart (5)
Gary Halpin
28th November 2017
I'm having trouble with the mouse pointer positioning (1)
Rakesh Sarangi
27th November 2017
Is there an example of a Bar chart that shows a total? (4)
27th November 2017
Can I only display some of the tick marks on an adjustable Line chart? (2)
22nd November 2017
The Bar chart Y labels are wrong when all of the values are 1 (2)
21st November 2017
I need to find a financial chart that can handle negative values (1)
12th November 2017
Negative values are resulting in an incorrect scale on the Line chart (10)
11th November 2017
I have a problem with drawing text onto my chart (3)
Antonio Vianello
10th November 2017
Is there a text wrap option for key items? (3)
8th November 2017
My SVG Line chart isn't being displayed (6)
7th November 2017
How do I hide the total on a Waterfall chart? (4)
7th November 2017
My labels aren't appearing after redrawing the chart (1)
4th November 2017
I'm getting a Pie chart error message: angles is undefined (12)
John Molineux
2nd November 2017
I have a problem with an SVG Scatter/datetime chart (4)
Matt S.
2nd November 2017
Can I fetch data directly from a CSV file? (3)
1st November 2017

October 2017

Subject Author Last updated
Does the Horizontal Bar chart support having an offset Y axis? (16)
30th October 2017
Is it possible to rotate the 3D Bar chart? (1)
28th October 2017
How can I create a Gauge chart from server sent SQL data? (4)
27th October 2017
There's a missing file in the download: RGraph.drawing.yaxis.js (1)
Arun J Ruben
27th October 2017


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