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June 2017

Subject Author Last updated
How do I increase the width of the canvas dynamically? (1) Sudarshan today
Background border will not go away (2) John C yesterday
Loading a page where the RGraph libraries code are on the parent page (2) David Cook yesterday
HTML key position values (1) John C yesterday
How do I use RGraph in my Ionic application (1) Sameerkumar Shelar 25th June
is it possible to export a chart to PDF and Word? (1) Amit 23rd June
Is it possible to align the HBar X axis labels to the left? (5) Victor 22nd June
Basic chart problems in IE 11 getting it up and running (3) John C 22nd June
Can't create multiple HBar charts on the same page (2) Alina 21st June
More RGraph option oddities with the Gauge chart (2) David Cook 21st June
Problem with the RGraph Gauge (4) David Cook 20th June
How to show a daily chart with different colors for each bit of data? (6) giuseppe de lorenzo 16th June
Issues when trying use the ModalDialog.Close() method (4) John C 15th June
HTML keys: How do I link to an AJAX ActionLink? (11) John C 13th June
The labelsAboveSpecific option with multiple lines is not showing all of the lab... (4) Bernhard 12th June
How to a draw Pie/Donut chart with one tiny segment? (1) Zsolt 8th June
Are there any Typescript definitions for RGraph? (1) Zev Spitz 6th June
Cab RGraph pass data to HTML keys (legend) dynamically? (2) John C 5th June
RGraph Pie not reading my data (2) John C 5th June
There's a bug in the RGraph.common.core.js file (2) John 1st June

May 2017

Subject Author Last updated
Expression versus assignment bug in the Scatter chart library (1) John 26th May
How do I set the Gauge chart scale to go from 0-4 ? (2) Alejandro 25th May
Is there a Line chart zoom in function? (3) Othmar 24th May
Can I use RGraph as a React component? (1) Nitya 24th May
How do I use the Bar chart labelsAboveSpecific option with stacked charts? (2) Kedar 16th May
Strange Firefox problem with SemiCircular Progress (7) Othmar 15th May
Reposition a redrawn Radar chart when the window is resized (5) saibal 11th May
Can you show tooltips using the mouseover event in a Gantt chart? (4) Kedar 11th May
Help with data labels shifting toward the boundary direction as more data is add... (2) Stuart Andrews 10th May
Trying to search the site - Google search gone? Is there any way to search the f... (2) Stuart Andrews 10th May
How do I disable the RGraph.net links on an SVG Pie chart? (2) Rohini 8th May
Trying to generate charts when a bar is selected (10) Jhon 7th May

April 2017

Subject Author Last updated
How can I "unfill" a strokeRect ? (5) Sudarshan 30th April
Is it possible to draw the VProgress title below the chart? (1) Malaise 29th April
Is it possible to hide a line? (2) Zsolt 27th April
Is it possible to add more than one set of labels (at the top) on a Gantt chart? (3) Kedar 27th April
How do I 'select' a bar on a Bar chart? (5) Sudarshan 26th April
Is it possible to change the RGraph HTML key table structure? (3) Hari Shankar 21st April
My canvas based 3D Bar chart tooltips are not working (2) Hari Shankar 21st April
Is it possible to select multiple bars at once? (2) Tarak 20th April
When you click the mouse with dynamic.js included it's causing an "this.canvas i... (7) Stuart Andrews 19th April
Can RGraph have nested labels on the X axis? (1) Tarak 19th April
Coding Standard - Richard, what do you use? (2) Stu Andrews 19th April
RGraph.svg.common.core.js:1906 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'insertB... (2) Jan Dirk 14th April
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be... (2) Jan Dirk 14th April
Gradient colors in SVG HBar chart disappear after a redraw (4) Jan Dirk 13th April
Trying to create multiple charts on the same page (6) Breno Padovan 12th April
The Pie chart option labelSticks causes overlap (5) Walid 10th April
Reading data from a PLC unit (1) Mike 6th April
Out-of-bounds index error patch (1) Jan Dirk 1st April


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