SVG charts examples and documentation

This is the SVG section of the RGraph documentation. There's documentation on the API and there's also feature information and a link to the SVG section in the demos. SVG charts are often favoured by webmasters over canvas charts for a number of reasons - two of which are the DOM-like nature of SVG and their accessibility.

An example of an SVG Line chart
An example SVG Line chart

An SVG definition

SVG is a tag that was introduced in HTML5. It has a vector based format and it uses tags like HTML does, for example:
<svg width="400" height="110">
    <rect width="300" height="100" fill="blue" stroke-width="3" stroke="black"></rect>
so it scales very well, and it's supported by most (if not all) of modern desktop and mobile browsers.

The tag is fast enough to make animations possible and if you click the image you'll be taken to a demo page that is an animated version of the image here.

By utilising the SVG tag RGraph creates charts and visual representations of the data that you provide to it.

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