SVG charts

RGraph now has SVG chart types. Bar, Horizontal Bar, Line, Pie charts and progress bars/meters are all catered for - the full list is below

As of autumn 2016, RGraph has some brand new shiny SVG types. Bar, Line, Horizontal Bar, Pie, Semi-circular Progress and Radar are available (amongst others). There are examples of these types here.

Naturally, being far newer than the <canvas> types they're not as feature-packed - but at lower resolutions, they do have a significantly better definition than the bitmap-based <canvas> charts.

There are also SVG versions of the Google Sheets, CSV and AJAX data import utilities (for which the canvas documentation also applies to). And there's a set of CSS-based animation effects for the SVG libraries too.

The chart types that are available

Installing and implementing RGraph

These are the same installation pages as the canvas installation guide. All of these pages apply to both technologies and have information that's pertinent to both. Topics such as browser support, getting started and performance enhancements are covered here.

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Data import utilities

Features and examples

HOWTO demonstrations and guides

The SVG HOWTO documentation pages have a similar purpose to the canvas HOWTO documents - in that they help you accomplish specific tasks and inform you about the RGraph API.

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Browse the RGraph GitHub repository

RGraph is now hosted on the GitHub source control platform. You can browse the code online and star the project to keep an eye on the development.

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