Some demos of RGraph charts

Here are some demos of the charts that can be made with RGraph. There are many more demos, that show you many of the features of RGraph, available in the downloadable archive.

Download the RGraph archive with all the demos

A Bar chart with a dark background
A blue and pink grouped and animated Bar chart
A Bar chart that looks like the millionaire 'Ask the audience' results
A mock-up of the millionaire "Ask the Audience" bar chart
A dark stacked Line chart using the trace effect sequentially on multiple datasets
A multiple dataset, stacked and animated Line chart
A 3D donut chart
A 3D donut chart using using the Pie chart library
A dark blue Bar chart
An animated and graduated dark blue Bar chart
A blue themed Line chart
A dark blue animated Line chart using the Trace effect
A Horizontal Bar chart showing the amounts of Internet users
A Horizontal Bar chart showing Internet users
A Line chart showing the various sales made by different employees
A Line chart with multiple datasets using the Trace effect
This is an example of how the Pie chart can be utilised to create a dashboard
A dashboard using the Pie and the Horizontal Progress Bar
A dark Meter thats been heavily customised
An animated and adjustable Meter chart
A mockup of a dashboard
A dashboard using the Line and Pie charts
A stacked and filled animated Line chart
An animated stacked Line chart with two datasets
An activity Meter
An activity Meter made with the Pie chart (in donut mode)
A Horizontal Bar chart
An animated Horizontal Bar chart using the Wave effect
An offset waterfall chart
A Waterfall chart with an offset X axis
A black and orange Horizontal Bar chart
A Horizontal Bar chart that actually uses two datasets.
A segmented and animated Donut chart
A custom "progress bar" that's made using the Pie chart and custom drawing
A dark coloured Line chart
A dual dataset Line chart using the Trace effect
A black and purple mixed Line and Bar chart
An animated combined Bar and spline Line chart
An SVG grouped Rose chart
A customised Rose chart producing a grouped effect
An SVG Line chart with a basic look and feel
An animated Line chart with an example of how to get see-through tickmarks
A Bar chart showing the earnings of Britains top female boss
A Bar chart showing the earnings of Britains top female boss
A Line chart with a highlighted section
A multiple dataset Line chart with two semi-opaque covers (one one the left, one on the right)
A graduated orange filled SVG Line chart
A graduated filled Line chart using the Trace effect and an extra-thick linewidth
An SVG Pie chart configured to look like a Meter
A significantly customised set of nested Pie charts that look like meter charts