Download RGraph


Download the stable version of RGraph

The download archive contains all of the demos.

Download the stable version of RGraph Download the latest version (4.66)    [changelog]    [setup documentation]

If you use RGraph I'd appreciate a donation! Thanks.

You can download pre-minified versions of the libraries (which have extraneous white-space and comments removed).


Download the beta version of RGraph

The beta version is the latest version of RGraph and contains the most recent changes. There is no fixed release schedule - so beta releases can be daily or they can also be less frequent.

Download the beta version of RGraph Download the beta version

The current RGraph changelog and older release notes

The changelog is a summary of changes to RGraph that may interest you or that you should be aware of. You can also find older release notes for past releases here too.

The current TODO list for RGraph

The TODO file. Nothing is firm but here are a few things that may or may not be added to RGraph for the next release. If you have any thoughts or requests then let me know via the support page.

Backwards compatibility breaks

Occassionally backwards compatibility has to break - you can read about those breaks here.