Download RGraph

Download the stable version of RGraph

The download archive contains all of the demos.

Download the stable version of RGraph Download the latest version (4.68)    [changelog]    [setup documentation]

You can download pre-minified versions of the libraries (which have extraneous white-space and comments removed).

Download the beta version of RGraph

The beta version is the latest version of RGraph and contains the most recent changes. There is no fixed release schedule - so beta releases can be daily or they can also be less frequent.

Download the beta version of RGraph Download the beta version

View the source code of the RGraph files

If you want to view the unminified library files and see the source code then you can use these links. As new versions are released then these will of course be the latest versions.

SVG common libraries

SVG libraries

Canvas common libraries

Canvas libraries

Canvas drawing API libraries

Download PhantomJS - the command-line browser

If you want to create charts or simply render web-pages from command-line scripts then PhantomJS is for you.

The PhantomJS project appears to have stalled - but using the downloads that I've mirrored here you can still happily use it to create charts from command-line scripts etc.

Here is an example page that you could put on your website that creates a Line chart. You can request and download this page with PhantomJS which can then save the image of the page to your local mahine (or wherever you're running PhantomJS from).

It doesn't have to be the whole page - if you want PhantomJS has the ability to save an image of just a portion of the page - in this case just the top right using a width and height that matches the size of the chart.

Thus you then have an image of just the chart that you can use wherever you wish. You could even rig it so that SVG/canvas aren't used on your website at all and you just use PhantomJS behind the scenes so that you only use images on your website.

Here's some example PhantomJS code that I've previously used to get a picture of the above test page saved locally:

var page = require('webpage').create();'', function()
    page.viewportSize = {
        width: 850,
        height: 300

There's also a PhantomJS HOWTO guide that's applicable to both the SVG and canvas libraries.

The current RGraph changelog and older release notes

The changelog is a summary of changes to RGraph that may interest you or that you should be aware of. You can also find older release notes for past releases here too.

The current TODO list for RGraph

The TODO file. Nothing is firm but here are a few things that may or may not be added to RGraph for the next release. If you have any thoughts or requests then let me know via the support page.

Backwards compatibility breaks

Occassionally backwards compatibility has to break - you can read about those breaks here.