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MIT License

RGraph is Open Source software, licensed using the MIT license. Any contributions to the project are very gratefully received. It doesn't have to be a large amount - even if you can only spare £5 it's appreciated. Thanks!

If you have any trouble sending your contribution then please let me know. You can send me a message via the support forum.

Contribute to the ongoing development and support of RGraph. Thanks for all donations!
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RGraph is Open Source Software

RGraph is Free and Open Source Software RGraph is Free and Open Source Software

RGraph was originally started as a commercial project - licensed using the Creative Commons BY_NC license and it was like this for a while but was then switched to an Open Source license and that's what it is now, so it's Open Source Software (FOSS).

As a result, it's totally up to you whether you use it or not! You can read more about me on the About page...

The MIT license is well known as an Open Source license and means that you can use RGraph for any purpose you wish - non-commercial or commercial.

You can include it in your own software, modify it and distribute it without asking for permission or paying any fees.

There is nothing that the end-user needs to do or buy and there's no requirement for you to share your changes should you make any. Basically: You can do what you like with it!