Browser support for RGraph charts

Since the charts are made using HTML5 features (the new SVG and canvas tags), browser support includes:

The HTML5 canvas and SVG tags are part of the HTML5 standard, and all of the above browsers have some sort of support for them.

HTML5 canvas, HTML5 SVG & Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 added support for the <canvas> and <SVG> tags at the start of 2011. Older versions of MSIE are no longer supported by RGraph.

Other devices

Other devices (eg mobile devices) may support or may be intending to support the canvas and/or the SVG tags as part of their HTML5 support.

Typically the newer a device or its OS is the higher the chances are that it has support for the HTML5 canvas and SVG tags.

Creating your charts without a browser

If you wish to make charts without a browser or user involved - eg from a script - there's something called PhantomJS that you can use to make images from webpages automatically.