Linear gradients

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Linear gradients can be used in place of regular color definitions to add gradients to your canvas. They are specified using the gradient API and can consist of multiple colors. The createLinearGradient function is used to create the gradient and then the addColorStop function is used to add color stops along the gradient from left to right.

Arguments to the function

An example

    window.onload = function ()
        var canvas  = document.getElementById("cvs");
        var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
        // This creates the gradient from black to red to white
        var gradient = context.createLinearGradient(0,0,600,0);
        gradient.addColorStop(0, 'black');
        gradient.addColorStop(0.5, 'red');
        gradient.addColorStop(1, 'white');
        context.fillStyle = gradient
        context.strokeStyle = 'black';

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