The Path2D object

The Path2D object is new to canvas as of March 2014 and can be used to cache drawing commands and replay them or test them for hits as required. It was formally called the Path object and was added to the specification in early 2012. You can either create new Path2D objects and then use the api to specify the path (eg path.moveTo, path.lineTo etc) or you can use svg path syntax as an argument to the constructor. You can also give the constructor another Path2D object and the resultant object will be a combination of the two.

The beginPath function can be used to "reset" the canvas path - throwing away whatever the current path is. It does not however throw away any Path2D objects that you have created and nor does creating a Path2D object "reset" the canvas tags default path. So in this way, Path2D objects can be seen as a little separated from the canvas.

Arguments to the constructor of the object