How do I update my Bar chart via an AJAX request?

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Posted by Klaus Hillebrand on 1st November 2012

i try to update an bar graph with stacked bars.
>> print "var new_data = this.responseText;"; <<
>> alert (new_data); <<
shows [[4,5],[5,7],[6,5],[5,14],[1,6],[2,7],... which looks good for me.

But when I try to build the new graph, >> new RGraph.Bar('bar1',new_data) << nothing happens. The graph is drawn empty.
I think it's something about this string, numbers but i don't get it.
Trying for two days now.
Please help

Posted by RGraph support on 2nd November 2012

The responseText is a string when it's returned so you need to eval it and convert the data into an array. With the data that you have you can use the eval() function - like this:

eval('var new_data = ' + this.responseText);
Posted by Klaus Hillebrand on 2nd November 2012
So simple, but so far away from me...
Still have to learn a lot...
Thank you so much, kept me from going crazy...

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