Are there any Android Studio and RGraph examples?

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Posted by Niyazi Toros on 16th February 2014
Do you have any RGraph support for Android Studio?

I need some RGraph (especially Line charts) + Android Studio Examples for building basic android app.

I want to build android app and show exchange rate with RGraph Line charts.
I have a SQL table and I have 3 currency and I have also exchange-rate table that shows 3 currency in TRL (in Turkish Lira).

I have to build small android app that gets 3 currency exchange rate daily. I build 3 tab on my android app using android studio. Each tab has its own tab name as USD, EUR and STG. Each tab I have to build RGraph Line charts that X line will show hours from 8 am to 5 pm. And Y line will show amount from 1 to 8.

App will get information from my sql (reside on private IIS) and shows exchange rate that get changes in one day. Depends on my SQL each line chart shows as an example;

08:00 - 2,1770
09:17 - 2,1765
11:52 - 2,1771

My main question is how to use RGraph Line charts with Android Studio?
I thank you for reading my post.

Kind Regards,
Niyazi Toros
Posted by Richard on 16th February 2014
Hi there,

Sorry - I have no experience with that. RGraph doesn't do anything weird so it should just work if you use it on a mobile device.

Try using one of the demo pages that's included in the archive as a starting point for your own pages.


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